Sunday, June 2, 2013

Too Busy

    Does being too busy bring out the devil in you?  If you're life is too rushed to be Christ-like in you're daily walk with others, then it's time to slow down.  I think this caption is a convicting one and may step on a few toes.  That is okay because God never intended us to be that busy.
    'Too busy for God, then you are Bound Under Satan's Yoke.'  It's all about priorities.  I think Jesus demonstrated this when He waited two days when hearing of Lazarus being sick.  John 11;6  ''So when he heard that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was two more days, and then he said to his disciples, “Let us go back to Judea.”  There was no need to rush because God's timing is perfect.  The devil wants us to rush and be in a fuss.
    Is your rush to get somewhere more important than showing brotherly love?  Are driven by the clock or by the Holy Spirit?  Check your heart more than the clock and you'll arrive at your destination more at peace.


  1. Great post, Angie. I wish it didn't step on my toes, but if the shoe fits, one must wear it. And then other times, I'm just plain lazy. Not good, either.

  2. Thank you Angie. I needed this. It is often so hard to know how to stay active and hard-working, yet keep a steadfast attitude of Christ...I guess it's done with the Lord's help. Love you and thank you for this good reminder.


  3. WOW, I defiantly needed to hear this message!! I often feel the crunch of the clock, and this view of the devil pushing me will remind me to place my focus back where it needs to be....on God =)
    cara s.

  4. Good blog in more ways than one. I hadn't thought about Jesus delaying before going to the home of Lazarus. I've been in crisis mode more times than normal :) (for me at least) lately and when I feel a sense of urgency, it's hard for me to understand why good Christians - friends - aren't panicking the way I am. Guess your blog answered that one :)

  5. I recently read a quote that said, "If you are too busy to pray and read God's word, then you are far busier than He ever intended you to be." And if we are that busy, without prayer and His word. then we will act like the devil. Good reminder to prioritize! (and maybe scratch some things off of our to-do list)

  6. We just had this discussion in our Beth Moore bible study yesterday....about how building any kind of relationship takes time. If we do not invest our time into the lives of others, how can we ever expect to have a relationship with them. It seems this world becomes busier and busier. Beth stated that, "we have better communication than we have ever had, yet we have more lonely people than there has ever been". So sad. Don't be in crisis mode, but don't wait too could be too late. If I can just apply that to myself!! Love you, T.