Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Watch Out

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    Instead of  ''Houston, we have a problem,'' I have to say ''NLR, we have a problem.''  Yes, its that serious.  3 Flamingos on JFK has closed its doors without warning. The tables and machines are all gone, you can see if you peek in the window. I would have stocked up if I'd had any notice at all.  My favorite is birthday cake yogurt with spiced apple running at a close second.  Yes, I've tried a few other yogurt shops but none compares to 3 Flamingos. [I could break out in song with 'nothing compares to you' by sinead o' I won't.]  Not knowing if they're moving or totally calling it quits is the hard part.  I can be patient if I know how long it'll be.
    Isn't that how our patience usually is? We want a timeline for everything. We can estimate how long something will usually take but go beyond that and we're ready to swing a bat at somebody.  My doctor's office has a sign 'Patients please have patience.'  As we wait without knowing, help us to know and remember God's timing is perfect in all things.


  1. Reminds me of that old saying, "Lord, give me patience NOW!!!!" I have never been a patient soul...much the opposite. Never liked for anyone to have to wait on me...and never liked waiting on anyone either. God has taught (is teaching) me to stop (or be patient) and smell the roses. Then we value whatever He has for us a lot more. I am surely not there yet, but hopefully better than I used to be. We sometimes want to give our children (did I say grandchildren?!!) everything their hearts (or little minds) desire, and that certainly does not teach them a good lesson. Anything worth having is worth waiting for, right? Oh my, I think you are meddling again, have got to STOP that!! Love you, T. P.S. Hope 3 Flamingos is not gone forever...I know how much you love their yogurt. If I hear anything, I will let you know!

  2. I'm pretty bummed, too. The kids went over there Tuesday night for $1 for kids night, and lo and behold, no 3 Flamingos. What gives?